Associated Acts: Blank Generation

“Jes Call me crazy and we all will be the same” A mantra used by Hearskra-z to describe the way of the world and all that surrounds. Born and bred in Saint Louis, Mo., Hearskra-z otherwise known as “Karl Livingston” is one of the most versatile and progressive artist the Midwest has to offer. Growing up (and up some more, he is 6’5”) listening to an eclectic mix of R&B, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, and all that lies in between, he learned how to appreciate music for what it is. An extension of our heartbeat. Using that concept and a lil bit of talent, Hearskra-z defies any tie to a particular genre or limitation and creates a sound that is like no other. You can hears examples of this on his previous albums: “Carnival of Sols”, “Freedumb Chronicles”, and “Poppy Seeds” all available at www.Hearskra-z.bandcamp.com.  Armed with a powerful stage presence & songs that you can dance to, reflect upon, or just play in the background and vibe off the melodies, Hearskra-z embodies STL music and how diverse it is and has always been.

    From the middle of the map to the edge of the universe

Blank Generation is a collaboration between Hearskra-Z and Loosescrewz.

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