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Laren Loveless

Associated Acts: Spectator, Sean Canaan's VooDoo, Vintage Years, Reeling Gilly, Loveless

Laren Loveless has been playing music since he was 4 and producing it since he was 12. Born in Cahokia Illinois he first learned to play music by hearing it in the gospel churches he was raised in. He first started to sing and play drums for his gospel church as the only white kid there. His nickname quickly spread as "white heat." "I learned everything from the church. And always mixed different sounds that brought together different people. That's the only way to really let the music speak for itself" This state of mind has brought Laren to study the sounds of the urban cultured streets in New York City. All the way to the tribal primal echoing chants of Tanzania Africa. Now at 29 Laren's dream is usher in a culmination of all these sounds he has discovered thus far. Not only through his own music but through his teachings. He is a mentor to many young artists flourishing out of Webster groves-Chinese/European boarding school students, straight down to the homeless shelters to allow music to help heal and connect others in our city. His new group "Loveless" reflects the sign of the times we are living in. In hopes to remind people that this sound is for all. The rejects, the helpless, the outcasts, the mistakes and the beautiful people. All shapes colors and sizes. "I believe that no one can teach anyone anything. You can only show them by example. They will either see it or they won't. In regards to music. Never understand. Never get it. Never figure it out. Always be a beginner with it. Mu-means Mother. And sic is the short terms for science. So if music is the Mother of Science why are we always trying to figure it out? Why are we always trying to make her? Let her make you." This is Laren Loveless

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