Album Release: Owen Ragland - Soul Seeker

Blending elements of music that, like oil paints, already mix well - Ragland crafts a piece of art like a master. Ragland is a prodigy. He’s been playing piano from the age of 3 and making music since around the age of 5 or 6. Ragland’s music lineage runs at least as far back as his father, now a professor at Saint Louis University who was a musician in a former life. Ragland’s mother’s involvement in the activist community as clergy has taken her and the family around the world including Tanzania on the continent of Africa, where one of the surprise elements of Soul Searcher originates. 

Ragland prominently displays the vocal styles from African choir traditions in Kurudi Katika Africa, the bonus track on Soul Searcher. This surprising addition plays along well with its vocal counterparts in other songs like Sounds of Life, Into the Deep and Motion. The album features some powerful vocals from miss Rachel Reilly and Tonina Saputo. Sure to get your creative juices flowing or as a soundtrack to your day.