New Album Release: Damon Davis - The Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain Album Cover (Designed by Damon Davis)

Holy Mountain Album Cover (Designed by Damon Davis)

Farfetched Founder and Multi-media artist Damon Davis has dropped his follow up to LOA, The Holy Mountain.

Damon explains the concept behind his latest release:

"The Holy Mountain is a collection of musical compositions created by Damon Davis as daily meditations while on retreat in Wyoming in fall of 2017. While working on ideas and concepts around his Darker Gods project and after completing the initial promo push for the film he co-directed and producer Whose Streets, Davis needed a mental break and recharge. Under the advice of his partner, the couple went to visit one of her friends in Wyoming for a couple of weeks. During that time Davis created this body of work. Every morning create a composition field recordings, loops, and sample, Davis channeled the environment and his thoughts around the mythology he was building for the Darker Gods project. Each was created in one sitting, arranged and bounced at the moment."

You can stream the entire release via and the album is available on all major streaming platforms.