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Super Hero Killer

Members: Donald Williams (bass/vocals), Jesse Gannon (keys/vocals), Jay Summers (guitar/vocals), Grover Stewart (drums/vocals)

Associated Acts: Jesse Gannon's Truth, Sinister Dane, Lazaroff Brothers

Superhero Killer’s heart is that it’s essentially a four instrument rhythm section, grounded by the solid drumming of the indelible Grover Stewart Jr. and Donald Williams' soul clapping bass. Jesse Gannon’s keys take you to church, swelling the groove to a foot-stomping, neck-snapping revival, while Jay Summers’ quest for that perfect tone peppers the funk, accents the pocket, and soars as lead guitar.

On that solid bedding, add Williams' voice, full, warm, and confident.

Williams’ skill singing while playing bass seems effortless, as he breezes through the phrasings. His raspy middle tenor is more D’Arby than Mayfield, and gives him the range for easy harmony. As recorded and performed, his voice is subtle, with an expressiveness built for conveying as much truth in emotion as a good conversation.

And a live set is where they are at their best.

This deep-soul quadrumvirate--Summers, Gannon, Williams and Stewart--can get as bluesy and brooding as a dusty speakeasy, dripping with sweat on a hot August night. They effortlessly hop from original material to a soul standard or a blues cover, and back. Whether low, and rumbling or bright and bouncy, the performance is seamless, the cadence always right, and the stage throbs with the heavy funk of a Sissy Strut.

Soul is as Soul does, absorbing and shedding styles at will.

And Superhero Killer is, as Williams would say, “just a Soul band.” But with their combined decades on stage and a wide swath of genres and instruments in their collective background, Superhero Killer could be as easily described as “”Anystage Killer,” too.

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